Saturday, August 17, 2013

Site Update! (8/17/13)

Andrew: Hello dear readers! Our sincerest apologies for our silence on Two Tickets For... the last few weeks. This is an incredibly busy time for both Sarah and I at our day jobs, what with me away in Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series for 15 days and Sarah working overtime at Ann Taylor, then include the fact that we're not even in the same state currently and it's really tough for us to see the same movie separately and then do a review.

BUT, we do have a few reviews in the can that just need to be transcribed, and our goal is to get those posted within the next week, and when I get back to Connecticut from the LLWS both of our schedules open up a LOT, so we'll be able to get back to doing our regularly timed reviews as well as some column ideas that we've had brewing.

So please bear with us for the next couple weeks. If we're able to post new content during this busy time we'll tweet out the link and post it on our Facebook page like we normally do. Thanks for your patience, and as always, thanks for your readership!!!