The Mrs' Top Ten Favorite Movies

Now, these movies are in no order of favorite. They are just all the top movies that have inspired me and made me happy over the years.

1. Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright version) - This is one of the greatest love stories of all time. It is also one of literature's great novels turned into a film. While most versions of this movie are true to story, Wright's version is beautifully done with some of the best cinematography ever. 

2. Star Trek - This is just a fun action movie and a GREAT re-vamp of the original series. I can't wait for the next one to come out and to be even better than the first. I love that they have decided to reach a whole new audience with this classic story line.

3. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring- This movie inspired me. I know it sounds super dorky, but the Lord of the Rings series in general were an immense undertaking by Peter Jackson and I am so excited to see what he does for "The Hobbit" this winter. I can guarantee this list will be changing by the end of this year.

4. Sabrina (No, not the teenage witch)- Sabrina is a fun romantic comedy with an all-star cast that if you haven't watched it on date night or a night of food and wine with your girlfriends, you need to.

5 Warrior - We've said it many times. Do we really need to say it again? It's amazing. See it. Now.

6. Muppet's Christmas Carol- Probably one of my favorite holiday movies. Funny. Cute. Reminds me of my childhood. And it's not over-played on TV at Christmas time. 

7. The Queen- I love the Brits. This movie was just so amazing, and to watch Helen Mirren become Queen Elizabeth II is just amazing. It's a little slow at times, in true English fashion, but it is truly enjoyable and gives you a look at the other side of a very controversial time in recent British history.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl- Johnny Depp. Pirates. Treasure. It's just the best. And it's the original. 

9. Wedding Crashers- One of the most quotable movies of all times. For those of you who know Andrew and I personally, we love to quote movies and this is one that we fall back on constantly. It's funny and has a great cast.

10. Aliens- Probably my favorite "scary sci-fi" movies! The aliens in this movie are some of the best villains of all time in my opinion. It is also one of the only "scary" movies that I will actually watch.

If I were stuck on an island with nothing but these movies, I would be ok with that!

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  1. Anyone with a Muppet movie in their top 10 is OK in my book. Watching "The Muppet Christmas Carol" is a yearly Christmas Eve ritual for my family...and still by way of a VHS copy (need to upgrade one of these days).

    Welcome to the LAMB!