Monday, January 6, 2014

Site News: We're Moving to Georgia!

Andrew: Hello dear readers! First and foremost, thank you SO MUCH for sticking with our blog these last few months as Sarah and I have been going through some craziness at our full-time jobs. We know we've been absolutely terrible at posting new content, but because of you guys we've actually had two of our most-read months ever in November and December of 2013! 

Secondly, we hate to say that we're still going to be pretty bad at posting new content for the next month because we're moving! As the title of the post might have given away, Sarah and I are moving from Connecticut to Georgia. Atlanta, to be more specific. This is a move that we've been trying to make, off and on, for the last three years. When an opportunity came up for me to return to a company I worked for previously we jumped at it.

What does this mean for Two Tickets For? In the short term it means that Sarah and I won't be posting any new reviews or articles for the rest of January, as I'm heading down south at the end of this week and she's sticking behind to finish out her work. So we won't be able to see movies together for a little while.

In the long term this could mean we'll get back to reviewing movies like we love to do and posting new content because we both may be looking at working fewer hours at our day jobs than we have been, so we'll have the time to devote to the blog again. We'll also be moving to an area of the country that has been booming in the film and TV industry and has movie theatres all over the place, so hopefully we'll be able to catch more films than every before and maybe - hopefully - get to do more interesting pieces involving the booming film and television industry in the State of Georgia. We'll see.

But for now, please continue to stick with us. We've been seeing films when we can and we feel pretty confident that come Oscar time we'll be able to crank out the analysis and predictions we have in the past. We're also looking forward to doing our third annual live Oscar blog! Big things are happening for us here at Two Tickets For and we'd love to continue sharing them with you. As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Sounds like a fun move! I look forward to return to the blogosphere. Coincidentally, I was just about to ask you guys today if you were interested in my Oscar Contest over at Film Actually. Seems like you may be too busy this time around though.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks Shane! We're very excited for the move. And we'd actually love to take part in your contest again! We're still seeing films and we intend to be as well versed as we can be when Oscar-time rolls around, so count us in!

    2. Well, remember the contest is for the Oscar nominations so you'd have to ready to post next week! If you're still interested, you can fill out the entry form below to sign up. After that you'll need to send me the link to your picks by Jan 15th.

  2. Andrew!
    I sporadically check in at twoticketsfor (especially to get your take on a movie which may have surprised me) and I'm excited for you guys. You're not the only friend I know who's headed to Atlanta for new opportunities.
    Guess this means that even if I get on the crew for LLWS 2014 I won't be seeing you again?

    Shame, but you are headed for a new adventure.

    Best of Luck!