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Two Tickets For...'s 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Andrew: Hello dear readers! With arguably the busiest part of the year for my and Sarah's day jobs, we're able to turn a focus back to the blog like it deserves. We're hoping to start seeing more movies now and getting some reviews up, especially now that the Oscars have happened, somewhat marking the official beginning of the new year in movies.

With that said, we want to present the movies we are looking forward to the most in 2015. The way we went about this, Sarah and I each ranked the top 15 films we were looking forward to respectively. Then we took our individual rankings and combined them to find an average score for each film that got listed on at least one of our lists and listed every film by the cumulative ranking they received. For reference we have embedded trailers for the films that have them available online.

Without further ado, we present Two Tickets For...'s 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2015!

20.) Chappie

Sarah: This one I am so looking forward to. I think the motion capture looks brilliant and while I didn't see Elysium, I'm excited to see the new sci-fi film from the man who made District 9 (Neill Blomkamp). Hoping it'll be another winner! (Individual Ranking - Sarah: 14th Andrew: Not Ranked)

19.) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
A: While Mockingjay Part 1 fell victim to the nature of being literally one half of a whole story, I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of the Hunger Games films because "Mockingjay" was my favorite book of Suzanne Collins' trilogy. This film series hasn't really shied away from showing the violence in the books and Mockingjay Part 2 should have some of the most shocking moments in the whole series when the rebels move on The Capitol. I'll be curious to see the film's depiction of some of the more important moments in the book, along with how they worked around the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. (Individual Rankings - S: Not Ranked  A: 14th)

18.) Ant-Man

S: I’m more curious than anything about this movie. I'm an unabashed Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, so I'm looking forward to another tale in the series.

A: Like Sarah I'm more just looking forward to seeing what this entry in the MCU will be like. Loved the trailer, I'm intrigued by Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as the two versions of Ant-Man, and I'm curious to see the final product following all the pre-production problems with original writer/director Edgar Wright leaving the project and Bring It On director Peyton Reed coming on to direct and Anchorman director Adam McKay and Paul Rudd taking over writing duties. (Individual Rankings - S: 15th A: 15th)

17.) Sisters
S: Any movie that stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and has the balls to go up against Star Wars in the same weekend has got to earn a spot on this list. (Individual Rankings - S: 13th A: NR)

16.) The Revenant

A: The next film from newly crowned Oscar-winning Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu had me sold from the get-go. Leonardo DiCaprio? Check. Tom Hardy? Check. DiCaprio playing a fur trapper left for dead by Hardy followed by DiCaprio looking to get his revenge and it's based on a true story? Double check. (Individual Rankings - S: NR  A: 13th)

15.) Pixels

S: This is another one that I know very little about but I think that the cast looks very intriguing. I’ll be interested to see if it’ any good, in spite of the fact that Adam Sandler is in it.

A: Some people will take or leave the cast, but a movie starring Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan and Peter Freaking Dinklage as a bunch of expert video gamers recruited to save the world from an invasion of aliens that take the form of classic arcade characters? I'm there. (Individual Rankings - S: 12th A: NR (originally ranked 15th but Steve Jobs being announced for a 2015 release bumped it out of my top fifteen))

14.) Everest

S: I am just hearing about this movie but when I saw what the cast was like (Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke, Emma Watson, Robin Wright, Josh Brolin), I was immediately intrigued. Mount Everest has always been a topic of intrigue for me and seeing a thriller like this could be a lot of fun. (Individual Rankings - S: 9th A: NR)

13.) The Hateful Eight

A: It's Quentin Tarantino's next film, need I say more? I don't but here's the IMDb synopsis anyway: "In post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunters try to find shelter during a blizzard but get involved in a plot of betrayal and deception. Will they survive?" Add to that an intriguing cast of Jennifer Jason Leigh, Channing Tatum, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Demian Bichir, and QT favorites Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Madsen, and Tim Roth and I'm there opening night, guaranteed. (Individual Rankings - S: NR  A: 8th)

12.) Mad Max: Fury Road

A: I haven't seen the original Mad Max films since I was little and they've never been dear to my heart, BUT HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THIS TRAILER? Sold. Doesn't hurt that it stars a Two Tickers For... favorite in Tom Hardy. (Individual Rankings - S: NR  A: 7th)

11.) Crimson Peak
A: A Gothic haunted house movie by the amazing Guillermo del Toro. That's all I needed. Then he went and got Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain to star in it. Then they finally released this trailer and I got to see what it's going to looking like and it got me even more jazzed. Cannot wait for this film to come out. (Individual Rankings - S: NR  A: 6th)

10.) Steve Jobs
A: The last film we added to our list when it was announced for an October 9th, 2015 release, and added for good reason. This is the long gestating film written by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin, it's being directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle and it has an all-star cast. Michael Fassbender is playing Steve Jobs and Seth Rogen is playing Jobs' Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, with Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Michael Stuhlbarg are in supporting roles. Instead of the usual biopic structure (like the one used in Ashton Kutcher's jOBS), Steve Jobs reportedly will have three acts, each taking place before the launch of a  major Apple product: the original Macintosh, the NeXT cube, and the iPod. We think that's a great idea and we can't wait to see the final product.  (Individual Rankings - S: 11th  A: 11th)

9.) In the Heart of the Sea

S: I’m really looking forward seeing Chris Hemsworth in another Ron Howard film. Really liked Rush and I think that In the Heart of the Sea is going to be a beautiful film and will shine a new light on the basis for one of the most famous novels ever ("Moby Dick"). (Individual Rankings - S: 4th A: NR)

8.) Jurassic World
S: I am so looking forward to this movie. It promises to be better at everything: CGI, action and adventure. And Chris Pratt training velociraptors? I’m totally in.

A: We love the Jurassic Park films (I'm partial to the original, Sarah's partial to the third one) so we couldn't be more excited for a new entry in the series. I loved director Colin Trevorrow's first feature film, Safety Not Guaranteed, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can bring to this franchise. Oh, and Two Tickets For... favorite Chris Pratt being the star of the film doesn't hurt. (Individual Rankings - S: 6th A: 10th)

7.) Mission: Impossible 5
S: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was so much fun and really brought these movies into the future in such a seamless manner, I'm excited to see where they take it next.

A: Like Sarah said, Ghost Protocol was great. The best in the franchise so far, actually. And while Brad Bird isn't directing this new addition, I enjoyed director Christopher McQuarrie's last feature, Jack Reacher, which not-so-coincidentally starred M:I star Tom Cruise. I enjoyed it enough to give McQuarrie and Cruise the benefit of the doubt that they'll turn in the third straight good M:I film. (Individual Rankings - S: 10th A: 5th)

6.) Pitch Perfect 2

S: We loved the first one. Absolutely loved it. This one is going to be more of everything and I can’t wait!

A: Uh...yeah, basically what Sarah said. Elizabeth Banks (who produced the first one) is directing this sequel, but they're also bringing back basically the whole gang. We're in. (Individual Rankings - S: 5th A: 9th)

5.) Inside Out
S: I am so ready for another Pixar movie, and this year there are two! The mix of the cast (Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan) and plot lend this film to be a winner from the start.

A: Inside Out has a really creative concept and a great cast. Pixar's been hit or miss for us the last few years (we didn't really like Brave, we liked Monsters University) so I'm cautiously optimistic that this original story will be on par with their usual stuff. (Individual Rankings - S: 2nd A: 12th)

4.) Tomorrowland
S: The idea of Disney creating another movie based around a section of the amusement park makes me equal parts excited and nervous. Loved Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, while The Haunted Mansion is just awful. No matter what though, this is a very anticipated film for me. I mean, it's got George Clooney and Hugh Laurie!

A: Don't get me wrong, George Clooney and Hugh Laurie being stars in the film put it up there for me, but more than anything I have this high on my list because I love Brad Bird's films. The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar film and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is one of the best action movies of this millennium. Those alone make me excited for Tomorrowland. (Individual Rankings - S: 7th A: 4th)

S: The last James Bond movie was so good and was such a big hit that this one just has to be as well. After they finished "setting up" rebooting Bond with Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, SPECTRE looks like it's going to be the first of the Daniel Craig Bond movies that really feels like a Bond movie of old and I am looking forward to that.

A: Without question Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies, if not the best Bond movie depending on whom you ask. The fact that director Sam Mendes is coming back for SPECTRE gives me all the hope I need that this one will be of the same high quality. SPECTRE has a great cast in addition to Craig and his MI6 support, with Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, and Dave Bautista playing the nominal villains plus Monica Bellucci finally getting the chance to be a Bond Lady. Hopefully Waltz will be playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but even if he's not I'm really looking forward to this film. (Individual Rankings - S: 8th A: 2nd)

2.) The Avengers: Age of Ultron

S: It’s Marvel's next movie so of course it’s anticipated. The last Avengers movie was amazing, and I’m looking forward to the addition of some new characters and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe story continuing to fall into place.

A: Pretty much what Sarah said. If it weren't for the number one movie on our list, this would clearly be the most anticipated movie for pretty much the majority of the general public. It's gonna be huge, it's gonna be awesome, and it's gonna make a crap ton of money. (Individual Rankings - S: 3rd A: 3rd)

1.) Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
S: This movie is an automatic “Duh.” I grew up loving the Star Wars franchise, my parents grew up loving the franchise, most people grew up loving this franchise. I mean, it's a new Star Wars movie! I’m very anxious to see it with the Disney treatment.

A: There shouldn't have been a doubt this would top the list. Like Sarah, I've loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember. The original trilogy is near and dear to my heart. The's better if we don't mention them. So the fact that J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy are spearheading new, post-Jedi movies that include the original actors tickles me to no end. Hell, the teaser trailer brought tears to my eyes and still gives me chills every time I watch it. I cannot wait for this movie to come out.

S: Alright dear readers! That's our list! By all means let us know what your thoughts on our list are and what films you're looking forward to most this year. And as always, thanks for reading!

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