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Our Preview of This Week's New Releases (for Friday, Feb. 4th)

Andrew: Hello readers! Today is the introduction of a new weekly feature Sarah and I will be doing on Two Tickets For... where we will preview a few of the more notable new releases that will be coming out on Friday. We'll chat about whether we want to see it or not and our reasoning why, while also giving the movies a preview rating on which ones we're more likely to see in the upcoming weeks. We are also going to be embedding the trailers for the movies in our discussions so you can check out the films we’re talking about if you don’t know much about them.

So Sarah, of the new releases coming out tomorrow, which one has caught your eye the most?

Sarah: Well let me preface this by letting our readers know that I am the biggest chicken ever. Scary movies actually scare me to the point that I can't sleep. I blame my parents, for letting me watch “The Ghost in Mr. Chicken,” a very old movie that, looking back on it, was the dumbest "scary" movie ever; but if we can't blame our parents, who can we blame?! (Love ya, parents!)

Ok...that being said, the movie that I am most excited for is “The Woman in Black.” Now, I will not be seeing this movie, but I am very excited for you to go see it. It will be very interesting to see how the audience will accept Daniel Radcliffe after coming off of such a huge career in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

A: I knew that's the one you were going to start with. I love that it's your most anticipated and yet you won't go see it with me. How do you know I won't just say "Yeah, it's not that scary, you should see it with me," and I'll totally be lying? Hmm?
Anyways...I'm excited for "The Woman in Black" as well because I've read/heard that it's a good ol' fashioned ghost story. That means it's about building up anticipation, creating actual tension and only then adding in any boo-scares and stuff of that nature. I also like your point about how people respond to Radcliffe in his first film role that’s not a Potter film. Will he be too ingrained in the public consciousness as Harry Potter? Or will he be able to pull off a successful post-Potter career?

I'm also excited because it's produced by Hammer Films. If that name doesn't ring a bell, it should because that's the same studio that made all the classic monster movies of the 1950s like "Dracula" and "The Mummy," both of which starred Christopher Lee. They went dormant for a while after the 1980s but came back two years ago with "Let Me In," their remake of the Swedish vampire film "Let The Right One In." If this new film is half as good as "Let Me In" I'll be pleased. Check out the trailer - if it doesn't creep you out even a little bit, I don't know what's wrong with you:

S: You are going to disagree with me on the next one as an exciting one. Call me a romantic, but I am super excited for Madonna's movie “W./E.” While it looks kinda cheesy, anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for the royals. I think it’s interesting to see this one because it’s the other side of the coin from “The King's Speech.” So we'll see. I am also excited because Natalie Dormer is in it as Queen Elizabeth (she played Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s “The Tudors”).

I know you are excited about “Chronicle” though. What are your thoughts about that?
A: From everything I've read online so far, "Chronicle" is supposed to be a blast. Yes, it's another "point-of-view/found footage" film and that's a genre that's been hit or miss lately. You've had your successful ones like the "Paranormal Activity" films and "Cloverfied" but you've also had your films like "The Devil Inside" so some might
be apprehensive about "Chronicle."

This is actually the film I'm looking forward to the most that's coming out this weekend. It's supposedly a fresh take on the superhero film. I've read that it's actually one of the best "found footage" films to come out as the director is creative with how he uses the camera, and for only having a budget of $15 million, the special effects look pretty good in the trailer and commercials.

S: Well, I hope that it does well, but I’m not much a fan of the "found footage" stuff. It's just kind of lame in my eyes. I understand that from a budget standpoint it's impressive but I'm just not a fan. Oh well. I will probably end up seeing it with you in the end.
What else is coming out this weekend?
A: Oh, you will definitely be seeing it with me.

Um...the only other films coming out this weekend include "Big Miracle," which can be simply described as Drew Barrymore and Jim from "The Office" trying to rescue three whales from being trapped in ice (based on a true story!); "The Innkeepers" which is another good ol' fashioned ghost story movie that you won't see with me; and something called "Perfect Sense" starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. From the looks of the poster, I'm guessing it's a love story of some sort and the two of them get naked, because they're English and it's what they do.

So to wrap it up: of these six films coming out on Friday, which ones are we most likely to see? Let's rank them 1 to 6, with 1 being the most likely and 6 being least likely.
S: Ok, “Perfect Sense” isn't what you think. Well, sort is a love story and they do get naked, but there is also a terrible disease going around that takes away all of your senses. And I mean all of them, which would be the worst thing ever if you think about it! So I really wouldn't mind seeing it. 

Well, I can't put them in order because there are some movies on here that I just won't see. So why don't you give the readers your list?

A: Hmm. That sounds interesting. Perhaps we do need to see it when it gets near us. The movie, that is, not the disease. (*rim-shot*) Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week.

As for how I'd rank the movies in regards to which ones we're more likely to see together sometime soon, it goes like this:1.) "Chronicle"
2.) "The Woman in Black"
3.) "W./E."
4.) "Perfect Sense"
5.) "Big Miracle"
6.) "The Innkeepers" (which I'll definitely see, but Sarah probably never will)
So with all that said, readers, you can be on the lookout for a couple new reviews popping up in the next few days. We may be a little slow this weekend as Sarah's father is in town Saturday for one night only, and of course the Super Bowl is on Sunday. But keep checking for new posts! Thanks for reading!

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