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A Six Pack Of... Our Favorite Christmas Movies!

Andrew: Hello readers! We’re back from our vacation, and while being away from the blog for a week or so has left us with less fresh content than we would have liked, we promise we’ll be hitting hard during this week. Plenty of reviews will be coming as we see the big name, Oscar worthy releases that late December brings, but we’re starting it all of today with a new Six Pack Of… just in time for Christmas!

Christmas is Sarah’s favorite holiday, and one of her absolute favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies. And naturally, with this being a movie blog, it just makes sense for us to bring you a Six Pack Of… Our Favorite Christmas Movies! We’ll each chat about our three favorite holiday films, taking turns in descending order, starting with…

6.) Gremlins (Andrew’s #3 Fav Christmas Movie) 

A: I know some people will say, “That’s not a Christmas movie!” And I know it’s a bit unorthodox, but hear me out. First and foremost, the entire film is set during Christmas time. Billy (Zach Galligan) is even given the cute-as-hell Mogwai named Gizmo as a Christmas gift from his father. But I’ll never forget the following things after watching this movie the first time as a kid: Being alternately horrified and saddened by Phoebe Cates’ Kate telling Billy the story of how her father died while pretending to be Santa Claus; how cute and awesome Gizmo is (seriously, I’ve always wanted a Mogwai); the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs scene; and the finale in the retail store where Stripe melts away like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movie’s a classic to begin with, the fact it takes place during Christmas qualifies it as a classic Christmas movie in my book.

5.) Miracle on 34th Street [1994 version] (Sarah’s #3 Fav Christmas Movie) 
S: Yes, I know it’s traveshamockery to say that I love this one more over the original but oh well! The classic story gets a little bit of a face-lift in the ’94 version and stars actors that were more popular at the time, like Mara Wilson, Richard Attenborough and Dylan McDermott. True, the story no longer involves Macy’s as the backdrop for our story, but they make Cole’s just as believable in a NYC setting. With many of the same lines and the same general plot, Miracle of 34th Street manages to bring the spirit of the season to any household. And I like this one because the beginning of it takes place at Thanksgiving, ergo making it a Christmas movie I can watch Thanksgiving Day and no one can complain that it’s too early for me to be watching Christmas stuff! 

4.) Die Hard (Andrew’s #2 Fav Christmas Movie) 
A: Another movie that I know some people will say isn’t a “Christmas movie” (Sarah included), but it takes place on Christmas Eve, with Bruce Willis’ John McClane flying out to Los Angeles to meet his wife at her company’s Christmas party. Heck, one of the best scenes is when McClane sends one of Hans Gruber’s henchmen down in an elevator wearing a Santa hat and the message, “Now I have a machine gun ho-ho-ho.” Die Hard is arguably the best action movie ever made, with many action flicks that followed it trying to duplicate its success, so the fact that it takes place during Christmas makes it a must-watch film during the holidays for all men. (Fun fact: Die Hard is a film adaptation of a 1975 novel called “Nothing Lasts Forever” about an ex-NYPD officer named Joe Leland who goes to LA to visit his daughter, Steffie Gennaro, whose Christmas party is taken hostage by a German terrorist named Anton Gruber.)

3.) The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (Sarah’s #2 Fav Christmas Movie) 
S: It’s a total toss-up between this one and my number one pick as I grew up on this movie. The Homecoming is the movie that started the popular 1970s television show The Waltons. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains (where I was born), this is a sweet Christmas story about family and what the season really meant to people living through The Depression. We used to watch this movie every Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when I was a kid so it’s very much a nostalgia thing for me. If you haven’t seen this movie, I will warn you, it’s a little dated. But like a lot of Christmas movies, the message is the same no matter 
what the year.

2.) Love Actually (Andrew’s #1 Fav Christmas Movie) 

A: Our friend Nick over at The Cinematic Katzenjammer did a nice little review of this film today in a similar fashion to our Five Reasons Why… columns, and in it he plainly explains pretty much every reason this movie is my favorite Christmas movie. It has a phenomenal cast including Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Laura Linney, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, a pre-Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln and the always awesome Liam Neeson. It has tons of great Christmas music, it’s hilarious, it’s sad, it’s romantic (how iconic is Lincoln’s confession to Knightley?)…need I go on? Is it cheesy? Of course it is. But it manages to bring together a huge cast spread over many different storylines during Christmas-time and tie it all together in a harmonious way that can’t help but make you smile. (That’s why immediately after writing this I rectified a wrong by 
going out and buying this so we can watch it tonight.)

1.)  The Muppet Christmas Carol (Sarah’s #1 Fav Christmas Movie) 

S: Like I said, my #1 and #2 spots are pretty interchangeable, but this version of the classic "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is hands-down the best. HELLO! You can’t just go mixing real live actors in with Muppets and it NOT be awesome! And let’s not forget that our Scrooge is a young(er) Michael Caine and he rocks the role. With your classic quips from all the Muppets paired with some awesome song numbers, The Muppet Christmas Carol makes you smile from start to finish.

We hope that you all have a fabulous Holiday season and a very merry Christmas! We look forward to bringing you many new reviews in the New Year with a couple of stragglers left this year. We appreciate all of our readers and have thoroughly enjoyed watching this blog grow and 
making new friends through the blog world. Can’t wait to see where it 
all takes us in 2013!

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