Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Movie Nibblets

Hello everyone! It's been a little quiet this week with the Mr out of town for work, but don't worry, we will be reviewing some movie this weekend!

So let's move on with some random mid-week movie news!

First of all, we have Halle Berry coming back to the big-screen, bikini-clad...once again. Berry stars in the upcoming movie Dark Tide due out March 30. She plays Kate, a shark expert who lost a fellow diver to an attack. She has to battle self-doubt and fear and go back into one of the most dangerous shark areas in the world, Shark Alley. This newly released clip shows you the kind of feel they were going for with this movie. Check out the original trailer too!

Yeah, let's be honest, this movie doesn't seem too great. Kind of a bummer for the Academy Award winner. But I'm sure many guys will head to the theatre to see this one just to see the bikini.

Alright, moving on to one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Prometheus. I know Andrew and I are excited. Now, a lot of people are also very confused about what this movie is about too. In this movie, a team of scientists explore the universe to research alien life forms on the ship, Prometheus.  They become stranded on an alien world and soon discover a threat that could threaten all mankind. Prometheus is a prequel-esque film to the classic scary movie, Alien. Since they were directed by the same director, Ridley Scott, we are expecting the same amount of excellence and excitement. Scott has said that it's not a direct prequel but takes place in the world of the original film. Haven't seen the trailer yet? Check it out!

I know, it's a teaser but here's the good news...the official theatrical trailer comes out MARCH 17! Also check out a new picture from the movie here.

This weekend an anticipated movie from Disney will grace the screen. John Carter comes into theatres this Friday, and Willem Dafoe spoke candidly with Lara Spencer this morning on Good Morning America about growing a couple feet for his less than easy role for his motion-capture role. Check out the video here. Actually pretty excited to see this one this weekend. But more on that later!

Well those were just a few nibblets for you on this Wednesday evening. Check back in tomorrow for a look at this weekend's new releases! 

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