Friday, June 1, 2012

New Trailer for "The Bourne Legacy" Arrives!

Andrew: Hello readers! Just yesterday I found out that a new, longer trailer for this year's The Bourne Legacy hit the web, so I'm here to share it with you if you haven't seen it. The Bourne Legacy is the latest film in the Bourne series, based off of Robert Ludlam's book series, but it will be the first one to not star Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Instead this time we have Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, another agent similar to Bourne.

I know a lot of people are skeptical of a Bourne movie not having Matt Damon, but I suggest checking out this trailer and giving it a shot.

Personally I'm pretty excited for this film to come out and see what Renner brings to the franchise. His star has been rising ever since 2008's The Hurt Locker and now he's starting to get lead roles for big action films, which he certainly deserves.

The Bourne Legacy comes out on August 3rd and also stars Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz (a.k.a. Mrs. Daniel Craig), and looks to have Albert Finney, Joan Allen and David Strathern all coming back.

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