Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Six Pack Of... Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day!

Sarah: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Let’s work on making the magic seem a little more magical with A Six Pack Of…Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day! These are the six movies that, if we had the time today, we’d pop into the Blu-ray player and enjoy together on this romantic day.

1.) Pride & Prejudice (2005) – starring Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen 

S: We start with not only one of my favorite romantic movies but one of my favorite movies of all time! This is the perfect movie for those who love a classic story. I mean, c’mon, it’s like the original rom-com! There’s nothing like two individuals who misunderstand each other but in the end, after a whole slew of mishaps, find out that they really are perfect for each other! And when you put it under the perfect veil of the British, to me, it’s just perfect.

What else is so magical is the way that Pride & Prejudice is filmed. The cinematography really brings the romantic feel of this movie to life. So if this one makes your list for romantic movies, be on the lookout for the beautiful shots and scenics.

While this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re looking for something different give this beautiful film a chance.

2.) Moulin Rouge! – starring Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

Andrew: I’ve never really made it a secret on this site that I’m a fan of musicals, and while Moulin Rouge! may not have made the cut on my favorite movies of all-time list, it’s certainly one of my favorite musicals, if not my favorite musical.

And part of that is because of the romantic relationship between Ewan McGregor’s struggling writer, Christian, and Nicole Kidman’s courtesan, Satine, is equal parts fun, sad and ultimately romantic. It’s a classic tale of a lower-class lovebird pining for a forbidden love and how that true love will conquer all – all put against the soundtrack of popular music from the past few decades.

"Come What May" (film version)

I love the renditions of “Your Song” and “The Show Must Go On” along with “El Tango de Roxanne,” “Elephant Love Medley,” and the original song, “Come What May.” I’m a romantic at heart and I really connect with this film because it’s well done. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one I highly recommend for Valentine’s Day.

3.) Sabrina (1995) – starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond & Greg Kinnear 

S: This is actually a remake of a movie starring Audrey Hepburn but I like this one much better. It brings the story to modern (well the 1990s) times and just all around updates it.

Sabrina is a love story about a young woman, the daughter of a chauffeur, who is in love with the youngest son of the family her father works for. She’s young and foolish and after going away for a year, comes back and has grown into a beautiful young woman. Everyone seems to sit up and take notice. There are, of course, a bunch of mishaps and confusion but in the end our heroine does indeed receive a happy ending.  And isn’t that just what we want from our Valentine’s Day movies?

Sabrina is everything a movie ought to be. It has a famous cast, humor and romance. Harrison Ford is naturally the best part of this movie, and if you’re a fan of Ford and you haven’t seen this one yet, you really should!

4.) Love Actually – starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and a lot of other British and American actors

A: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Yes, it’s technically a Christmas movie, but the grand theme of love and all of the interconnecting love stories totally make this count. This movie is worth watching on Valentine's Day if only for the classic scene between Andrew Garfield's Mark and Keira Knightley's Juliet (that you can watch below).

5.) The Notebook - starring Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

Last but not least one of my favorite Valentine’s Day films is, of course, The Notebook. If you haven’t seen this movie, I will wonder what kind of rock you have been living under for the past 9 years.

The Notebook was the first of Nicolas Spark’s novels that was put to film and it was an immediate hit with young ladies all over the country! Its so romantic that it makes every heart skip a beat and a sex scene that will make it’s viewers want a cigarette after it.

While this was not Ryan Gosling’s first movie by any stretch this was, I think I can safely say, where he was elevated to one of the sexiest men on the face of the planet. It is specifically a romantic movie. There isn’t a ton of comedy and there is definitely sadness that typically results in blubbering messes, something we have come to expect from Sparks’ stories.

If you haven’t seen this one or you have a girl that you want to snuggle with on Valentine’s night, then you must put this one on the list. It really does fulfill all the cheesy Valentine’s checklists!

"It still isn't over" scene

A: I haven't seen much of The Notebook, but I do love this spoof AMC Theatres used to play before movies as a "Don't Talk or Text" message. I highly suggest checking it out.

"Trixie Ate Dark Chocolate"

6.) Mr. & Mrs. Smith – starring Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 

A: Yup, totally a guy pick here, but while this is primarily an action-comedy, it’s also a film that I thoroughly enjoy because of the relationship between Brad Pitt’s John and Angelina Jolie’s Jane. Whether it’s their initial tryst in Columbia that leads to their marriage, or their steamy fight that literally ends in fireworks, there’s a lot of romance to go along with the gun-fights and espionage. Also, I find this to be a hilarious movie, so not only is it romantic but it makes me laugh a lot. It’s a perfect combo movie for Valentine’s Day.


  1. I got to be honest the only one of these I have seen is Mr and Mrs Smith. Might suggest the notebook to the misses she has a fondness for that ryan gosling for some reason. ;-)

  2. I like your choices. Pride and Prejudice is wonderful. Such nice cinematography, acting and music.

  3. I've only seen Moulin Rouge and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Moulin Rouge is definitely one of my all time favorites, but I think for the guy & humor factor, Princess Bride trumps Smith in every category except maybe action, and that's just a maybe.