Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two Tickets For... Live Blogs the 85th Academy Awards!

Andrew: Hello readers! Tonight Sarah and I will be live-blogging the 85th Academy Awards during the telecast on ABC. The show doesn't start until 8:30pm EST but we'll be kicking off our live blog event at 8:00pm EST. Sarah has to work a little late tonight, so she'll be joining me once the show has begun, and maybe we'll even get a visitor or two from some of our fellow movie bloggers! 

So come back tonight at 8:00pm when we start up our running commentary and analysis of tonight's Oscars!


  1. Disney is 2 for 2.!! :):)

  2. Can cimentography be computer generated? Life of Pi deserved visual effects but cimentography should have gone to deakins for Skyfall

  3. Period dramas dominate costume and makeup. Happy for Les Miserables, but do you think it was a bit of an upset that the Hobbit didn't, win? I did!

    1. Dan, enter your comments at the top of the live blog and I can post them into the chat! :)