Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Reasons Why: You Should See "The Dark Knight Rises" in True IMAX

Sarah: Hello readers! Last night Andrew and I, along with our friend Doug, made the a trek up to Framingham, Mass to check out The Dark Knight Rises in true IMAX. (You can find out review of it HERE.) We had gone to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at this particular theatre last year just so we could see the prologue for TDKR, and when it rocked our socks off we knew going back for the whole thing was a must!

Now you have already seen the two posts we have done reviewing this movie, but we really think that you should really get out and catch this one on the big screen if you haven't yet! And here are 5 reasons why...

1.) Christopher Nolan and his cinematographer of choice, Wally Pfister, filmed over an hour of TDKR was with an IMAX camera. That's unprecedented in feature film history. And they way that the film transitions between widescreen and the IMAX footage was seamless. Almost the entire final act was shot and shown in IMAX which was awesome because...

2.) You get the full impact of the large-scale shots. The plane crash scene, the full city shots, the Bat flying around, the action's all pretty awesome. Nolan specifically shot so much of this movie in IMAX to get the grand scope of these shots and to bring us further into the universe he's built in his trilogy. And it's easy to see why he wanted to.

(Andrew's note: "I almost never noticed when the film transitioned between IMAX shots and non-IMAX shots, but every single time the entire screen was taken up my jaw dropped. It's a gorgeous looking movie.")

3.) Details become clearer. If you are one of those movie-goers who loves to pick through the details of a film, then IMAX is the only way to see TDKR. For me personally, I loved that this was a better chance to take a look at all the amazing costumes. For instance, did you notice that the Dr. Crane/Scarecrow's costume actually made him look the part even without his mask. The shoulders of his suit ripped up the way they were was fantastic detail. I loved also how we could really get the nuances of Bane's expressions. His eyes are so powerful in this film so it was so cool to get the feeling that Bane was talking to the audience.

(Andrew's note: "This was the third time I've seen TDKR but it was the first time I've noticed how torn up and scarred Bane's arms are when he's not wearing his coat. During his first fight with Batman I couldn't help but keep looking at his arms and wonder what happend to his character to cause those. Thanks to IMAX, I could actually make that detail out.")

4.) The sound is impeccable. I'm not entirely sure it every IMAX theatre has as great a sound sytem as the theatre we were in last night, but I want to say they do. Regardless, the speaker system's in IMAX theatres can only help enhance Hans Zimmer's amazing score and amplify the sound effects in the action sequences. When Bane and Batman are hitting each other with all they've got you FEEL the punches land because of the sound waves. It's awesome. Speaking of feeling the action...

5.) The Jordan's Furniture and IMAX we went to in Massachusetts last night has something no other theatre we've ever been to has: butt-kickers. What are butt-kickers, you ask? Well in every single seat in theatre (which were all Tempur-Pedic seats, too) there is a bass speaker built into the seat. So when the action is going on or the music is rocking, your SEAT is rocking too! It seriously felt like we were in the plane with Bane and his henchmen in the opening scene. It just helped enhance the movie-going experience!

So, if you live close to a true IMAX theatre we highly suggest you get there to see this summer blockbuster! Even though it was the second time for me and the third time for Andrew, The Dark Knight Rises did not fail to deliver!


  1. I was lucky enough to see it in theaters in IMAX, on film, one of about a hundred IMAX movie theaters in the world to have it on film.

    I didn't even get trailers because the film doesn't hold that much space.

    1. Same here! Normally we play a game (Price is Right style) where before the movie begins we each guess how many trailers get played and whoever is closest without going over wins.

      Needless to say we both lost.

      And good point on the limited number of true film IMAX theatres. There's a "digital" IMAX right down the street from us, but we have to drive 90 minutes from Connecticut to just outside of Boston to get to a true IMAX theatre.

  2. Also, I think you two are doing an awesome job so I'm giving you a Liebster Award. Claim it here!

    1. Thank you so much! We can't wait to get started on answering these questions! We love your blog and are very honored. We'll have the answers up in a couple of days!