Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trying Something New, and We're Not Ashamed of It!: Our Video Review of "Shame" (2011)

Andrew: Hello readers! We're trying something new here on Two Tickets For... where we're going to do a video review of any movie that we haven't seen before and are just now catching up on DVD/Blu-Ray. If it has a positive reception and we can make them better as we go, maybe we'll make it a regular feature!

For our first foray into doing a video review, we watched last year's NC-17 film Shame starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. So check out our video below for our review! (And yes, yes we did use iMovie on Sarah's MacBook Pro. Go us!)

Two Tickets For.. Reviews: Shame (2011)


  1. Nice work you two... I totally agree with Sarah on the "Black Swan" - "Shame" comparison.

  2. It's been over a month! Where's our next VLOG!?